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Mix one (1) packet of Attenuate into water (ideally 24 or 32ozs.) and drink between breakfast and lunch. Then take another similar mixture of Attenuate again between lunch and dinner. The type, and amount, of water be it flat, tap, or carbonated etc. is the individual's preference. It is recommended that an individual do not take more than two (2) packets a day. Attenuate should not be mixed or taken with food as it's appetite reducing effects may be reduced by the digestive enzymes associated with eating. Attenuate is used as a refreshingly satisfying alternative to snacking and random emotional eating.

Attenuate has the proper recommended and validated dosage to ensure maximum weight loss effectiveness. The recommended amount of Garcinia Cambogia that has been proven to promote maximum weight loss is 4,500 milligrams per day. No other weight loss product on the market containing Garcinia cambogia comes close to this dosage.

Attenuate is specifically developed to help reduce appetite, decrease hunger and control cravings. It is used as a substitute for snacking, and by drinking more water, when mixed with Attenuate, the liver and kidneys function more effectively to burn, metabolize and discard fat. As Attenuate helps to control the cravings for certain foods, your cravings for those foods decrease.

Attenuate's weight loss process has been medically tested, clinically validated and proven to be truthful and accurate by the results of randomized double-blind placebo controlled clinical studies. Real doctors developed a real product; with real, safe and effective ingredients; to help real patients and individuals solve real problems; with real and lasting results.

Clinical experience with real patients suggest that within hours of consuming the first dose an individual can sense a reduction in their appetite and a decrease in their desire for snacking. Attenuate's effect on the sensation of hunger, almost always present within the first 24 hours, also causes a decrease in their desire to eat and an increased ability to turn away from troubling and tempting foods and snacks. With regards to weight loss, variables such as the consistency of your diet, level of activity and your level of motivation will come into play as you use the product. Losing weight and being happy with your body is a journey. Remember to use Attenuate as directed on the label along with a diet and exercise program.

Yes. There is a strong link between the overweight condition and type 2 diabetes. Weight loss is an important and effective step to help prevent and, in many cases, manage the elevated blood sugars in type 2 diabetes. The added Zychrome in Attenuate has a proven effect in helping to normalize blood sugar levels in those individuals who have an increased insulin resistance, which occurs in individuals with pre-diabetes and established type 2 diabetes. So in addition to helping overweight individuals lower their elevated blood sugars through weight loss, the added ingredient Zychrome in Attenuate offers additional help with normalizing elevated blood sugar levels.

A clinical study demonstrated that over a period of eight weeks, when using the optimal dosage of Attenuate (4,500 milligrams per day of Garcinia cambogia), resulted in 3 times more weight loss (10.8 pounds vs. 3.4 pounds) than from diet and exercise alone.

Yes. Attenuate has been documented to show a reduction in total cholesterol levels, LDL (bad cholesterol), triglycerides, and an increase in the good cholesterol level when compared to using only diet and exercise alone. Along with weight loss, and a reduction in insulin resistance to help manage elevated blood sugar levels, there is also the promotion of improved cardiovascular health.

Other clinical studies show that the optimal dose of Garcinia cambogia in Attenuate helps to reduce the development of new fat cells and reduces body weight regain after substantial weight loss by inhibiting new fat cell growth and development.

Attenuate does not work as a stimulant, it has a small amount of green tea but not enough to cause an increased heart rate or elevated blood pressure. Numerous clinical trials and studies have verified and documented Attenuate's safety. Attenuate should not be used by pregnant women or those who are breast feeding, or individuals younger than 16 years of age. Check with your doctor if you have a serious medical condition, or are under a physician's care before using Attenuate.

Yes. Attenuate was developed to act without interfering, blocking, or in any way causing a harmful interaction with other medications or supplements. Check with your doctor if you have a serious medical condition, or are under a physician's care before using Attenuate.

No! Attenuate has ZERO sugar, ZERO carbs, and ZERO fat.