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February 18, 2019 1 min read

As overweight individuals lose weight, their body senses that they are starving and the body must lower its metabolic rate, increase muscle efficiency, increase its sensation of increased appetite and hunger, all to prevent starvation and death. However, unfortunately we now live in an obesogenic environment, an environment that advertises, markets, and promotes eating all the time and anytime, without any required physical activity, with food everywhere and always available. So, with the additional and extra calories that we eat we end up gaining weight. But our body's metabolism is stuck in an evolutionary time warp geared to the availability of food many thousands of years ago. Then food was scarce, famine and starvation were common events and for survival it was vital to store calories not burn them. Our metabolism, from that time, is structured to be energy saving, not energy spending, and our bodies were designed to gain fat not lose fat. So, when we go on a diet our body thinks we are starving and fights to prevent any further weight loss, something now called a 'weight loss plateau'. However, attenuate helps to reduce those metabolic signals by decreasing appetite and hunger, controlling cravings and helping to promote an increase in metabolism. Also, when Attenuate is mixed and taken with water, this hydrating formula helps to reduce fatigue, increase stamina and create the sensation of 'stomach fullness'. So, when you use Attenuate, while trying to reduce your calorie intake it can help prevent the discouraging and dreaded 'weight loss plateau'.