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March 01, 2019 2 min read

Attenuate is a medically tested and clinically validated, all natural -herbal product that has been designed to focus on improving weight loss by reducing appetite and promoting a sensation of fullness and satiety. Attenuate is different from other weight loss agents because it uses the correct and adequate contents of active ingredients for which weight loss success has been. documented. It has been scientifically documented to produce the promoted weight loss results by the 'gold standard' of clinical research, the double blinded randomized controlled clinical trial. The active ingredients, ambivalent form of Garcinia Cambodia, at the proper dosage of 4500 mg per day has been documented to: 1) increase fat breakdown;2) reduce body weight and body mass index(BMI) 3 times greater than that produced by diet and exercise; 3) reduce appetite and 4) reduce snacking by more than 35%. When used, as directed, to be dissolved in about 20-24 oz. of water and taken between breakfast and lunch and then again between lunch and dinner, it reduces the desire to snack, reduces appetite and promotes a sense of fullness. It also has the thermogenic agent ECGC, a caffeine agent that increases the metabolic rate and thermogenesis, body heat production, both of which enhance weight loss. As you use Attenuate, refraining from drinking sugar sweetened beverages and snacking; and use the information in Metabolic Weight Management's guidebook, 'Lose It And Keep It Off, you will be able to lose your excess weight and then be able to maintain a healthy weight. Attenuate will help you to avoid and resist the siren call of our 'obesogenic' environment and its temptations with the insistent and compelling call to eat more frequently and to eat larger portions. Attenuate offers no magic, but along with your commitment and it's satisfying and refreshing taste, there will be a definite weight loss. By using Attenuate, with its -extra hydration and appetite suppression, any mindless snacking and grazing can be avoided. Your desire for snacking and eating of unrealized extra calories can be reduced, to allow for a steady and progressive weight loss to start.