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January 30, 2019 2 min read

As our population ages, it becomes increasingly costly to treat chronic diseases, especially those that early intervention may have prevented or delayed. Chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes, sap the health, vitality and productivity of a population. A population without the burdens from capital consuming chronic diseases, has more economic opportunities to invest in creative and developmental ventures. 



Those forces which control the purse strings of health care expenditures need to deal with the painful reality that our society and governmental resources will be unable to fund all future health needs. Prevention and the timely management of costly chronic diseases, such as obesity and the related type 2 diabetes will help reduce our nation's health care costs, relive the burden on our health care systems and allow us to be more productive.



To date, the government, physicians, the health care system, and commercial health care enterprises have not been able to reduce or limit, in any significant way, health care expenses regarding chronic diseases. By providing easy and cost effective educational and preventive health care measures the costs of dealing with and managing chronic diseases could be significantly reduced. Using behavioral economic pressures, with financial incentives as well as disincentives, could make sure that these measures are acted upon. However too few individuals worry about the effects that their present behaviors will have on their future health.



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