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September 18, 2020 2 min read

The overweight condition which now affects more than 60% of all American adults is linked to numerous debilitating and distressing chronic diseases which are costly to both patients and our healthcare system. While most physicians and their patients, as well as most overweight - individuals usually know what to do for achieving weight loss, losing weight is hard and keeping it off is even harder. As a physician specializing in Obesity Medicine, I have struggled to find a way to help overweight individuals lose weight in a safe, effective and responsible way, but without the feelings. of hunger or deprivation. Controlling cravings is one way to help reduce hunger and appetite and promote weight loss.

A recent article in the journal Obesity (Vol.26, number2, February 2018) emphasized this concept " Cravings is a commonly used term in daily life, as individuals face the challenge of attempting to restrain their eating in an environment in which there is no dearth of highly desirable foods. Cravings are frequently used to describe the reason why a food is consumed. Most people are more likely to indulge in these cravings rather than restrain themselves. Thus, an intervention that addresses cravings may be particularly helpful to individuals engaging in a relentless battle to curb overeating".

A group of concerned board-certified physicians and myself, who have studied this serious public health problem and wanted to meet this need, have designed and developed a new clinical tool. This agent, which has been clinically documented by placebo controlled double blind. clinical studies to be safe and effective, can help control cravings, reduce hunger and appetite and also be used as a substitute for snacking. This medically based, unique, safe and effective weight management tool is called Attenuate. It is available at Medical Weight Management. corn.