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January 15, 2018 1 min read

Drinking excessive alcoholic drinks will not only give you a buzz usually followed by a headache, but it can also make you gain weight very quickly. While there are numerous reasons for the weight gain one fact that often escapes people is that alcohol has almost twice the calories as does sugar and protein, per unit of measurement. Sugar and protein each have 4 calories per gram, while alcohol has 7 calories per gram.

If your weight is stable, and your caloric intake matched your caloric output, but you then started to have an extra 2 glasses of wine each night for a year you will probably gain more than 25 pounds at the end of the year. Drinking alcohol, any kind of alcohol, is a subtle and easy way to gain extra weight. A recent research study published in the journal Obesity reports: "Consuming alcohol prior to a meal (an aperitif) increases food consumption. This greater food consumption may result from increased activity in brain regions that mediate reward and regulate feeding behavior". By reducing your alcohol intake, you will, almost effortlessly, be able to lose some of your excess weight.

 Dr. Vash's "Fat Facts"